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Okay. I had written a huge entry out last night in regards to the events of Saturday evening. I recognized after I wrote it that i needed to sit on it before I posted it. This is what I wrote today instead. 

Once again, a cut that friends who don’t want to hear about my religious beliefs and experiences with the organized religion of Christianity should skip.


This is what happened Saturday night: 



In which I am really fucking upset by a spiritual situation and still feel really damn messed up about it.Collapse )


 Sorry, depressing post is really fucking depressing. 
I hope to feel cheerier and express that to LJ sometime later this week. 



holy crap.

Lots of jokes, lots of great songs, lots of amazing choir references that no one who wasn't in a choir group will get. 

All of the music is acapella groups. THIS IS GENIUS. 

Even some awesome quotes. 

Quotes are here.Collapse )

I already love this show. WHERE IS THE FANDOM? 


BRB going to find this AWESOMENESS on iTunes. 


 I need to finish a minimum of four essays tomorrow.

SO.....off to do some reading I'm behind on, so that I can START my day with ESSAY 1 of 4. 

I'm about to get REALLY familiar with Pages, as my copy of Office hasn't arrived yet. 


It's only a month away, and by this date, I will have a better idea what is going on in my life (and with the crypticness).

It seems appropriate that it's going to fall on a holiday...

really, the big date is October 30th, but, well, I feel better focusing on the day AFTER.

One Month, THANK GOD.

wait...what just happened?

did I seriously just pull an all-nighter on the second week of the quarter?

for the only class I'm taking?

uh oh.

this does not bode well for my sleep pattern over the rest of the quarter.

that means it's a darn good thing I like school.

I've had a day...

That makes me want to *EMO* all over the internet. 

for real. There is too much CRAP going down right now.

ugh. no details, except that school freaking blows, and I'm freaking out because my financial aid for next quarter is in serious jepoardy.

my coping strategy: music, chocolate, and internets. 

let's see if it works.  

well, that was quite a short ceremony.

I went to a wedding today. The ceremony was seriously, like, less than five minutes long. I knew less than 10 people there, excluding the bridal party's immediate family. kinda awkward. and then the maid of honor and I desperately avoided catching the bouquet. and one of my best friends caught the garter.

on the plus side, I love my dress so much I kinda want to wear it to work tomorrow.

other than that, I watched Stardust tonight for the first time. It was very cute, but the Neil Gaiman novel it's based off of is one of my favorite books, and the movie was just too different from the book. good as a separate entity, not good if you wanted a faithful adaptation of the book. but I did enjoy the movie...it just wasn't  quite the same, you know?

on that note, I'm abandonning my re-reading of NJO for the next few days in order to reread Stardust. :)

June 10th.

For one, The bank was nuts. I ended up staying past close, which I normally don’t.
Also, it was KC’s last night as a part of epic ventures, oasis, my church, and…yeah. she moves to vegas. tomorrow.
on the other side, I’m probably buying a black ovation celebrity—the kind of guitar that I would have bought if I didn’t choose my Ibanez. I’m actually really excited about it; it would be very nice to have one. These guitars are a classic for ministry work—easy to carry, great sound, holds a tune, and the fact that they have a shallow body that isn’t plain wood means it’s less likely to crack. However, I’m not willing to pay more than $180 for a used one. ebay, baby.
also: breaking dawn bookstore goes to SEATTLE.
I’m so there.


was pretty freaking amazing. 

new friends, awesome times, good music.....

and now I am DEAD TIRED.

I'm working on a list of wonderful things that happened....but it is not complete. and my brain is FRIED atm when it comes to thinking. 

which is bad. 

final presentation tomorrow and all.

Also: this week shall contain vlogs from me and clips from wrockstock as well.

But...homework first.

and...court on thursday. ugh.

today was entertaining.

I slept in very late, as it was my day off of work.
I got up and cranked out a paper and a presentation and then went to class, where many of the groups fed us horribly high calorie food. (on another note, the word calorie has always bothered me. ie, even in it’s singular form. what the heck is up with that?)
After class I had to go and pick up my mom’s birthday gift.
bought her a lovely rose bush that she can plant—she loves rosebushes. I’m also looking for a good book that she would enjoy, but, I cannot think of one that I don’t already own. I think I’ll just pass Looking for Alaska on to her.
I broke down and got a twitter account last night. user name is rowenamarion. be my twitter buddy!
Also: bought the new death cab cd. it’s excellent.

Tonight we told our jr. high students that one of their leaders is moving to vegas next month. I hadn't really thought much about it yet, but holy crap am I going to miss her. 

then we all went out for pina colodas and appetizers at applebee's, and the service was (surprisingly) decent.

I think that's all of my day. well, that and the fact that I have HUGE amounts of homework to do tomorrow (and some I should have done tonight but did not).

hmm. I get to Trout Lodge a week from tomorrow. I'm way to excited. 

I THINK that's all. I think. 

OH, and  I really really really have a desire to stay up far too late reading Pride and Predjudice.


I would just like to remind everyone....

That today is April first. also know as April Fool's Day.


for this reason, I am sceptical of EVERYTHING today. 



I have an interview at 11am tomorrow for a new job. Everyone, I would love prayers and good thoughts. I'm really NERVOUS. I haven't needed to go on a job interview in...well, I've been with my current company for two years.....so....yeah.

Yayz. I'm loving the idea I may be able to give my notice before they write the next weekly schedule.



I am....

Officially on Spring Break.


time to read a book.

I'm down to one presentation and one online assignment. THANK GOD. I've had the quarter from hell and I am ready to move ON.

I believe I will actually post a long entry tomorrow and/or edit a vlog as I am going to be stuck at home.

Note on my car: We think it has definitely been in an accident before. based on the bondo under the paint, I thought, okay, minor thing, whatever....but no. my dad thinks it's possible the rear suspension has been replaced before.

also, his idea about the wreck---he thinks I got a flat and didn't realise it. I think that's crap.

I freaking want my car back. *EMOS*

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